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Under Fetid Corpses - "Archives Of Carnage"

10.00 / Sold Out

**Releases January 11th 2016**
More than twenty minutes of pure and gross carnage by the legendary band Under Fetid Corpses.
Professional CD.
Limited to 50 units.
Track list:
1. Intro(duction Of Needles In The Meatus)
2. Excretion Of The Lacerated Foetus
3. The Vomit Addict
4. Fornicating The Wounds Of Her Headless Corpse
5. Slaughterhouse
6. The Flesh Sculptor
7. Ran Over By A Roller
8. Masochist Self Amputation
9. Boiling Flesh
10. Two Corpses And A Pickaxe
11. Cadaveric Schizophrenia
12. Suffocate
13. Diarrhoea Bath